What is the difference between Sumomo and Kotoko?

What is the difference between Sumomo and Kotoko?

Kotoko is a laptop persocom like Sumomo; but, as she told Chii, she is “Desktop Powerful”. She was custom-built by Yoshiyiki. (Dragonfly) Kotoko is 16 centimeters tall with purple hair in two pigtails.

Is Chobits a good replacement for kawaisa?

Mostly. If you’re jonesing for Chobits, in particular, Chii, Sumomo, and/or Kotoko, this is a fine, quick fix of kawaisa. It’s more of the panty fetish, which seems to be a big thing for the anime writers.

What did Chii do to Sumomo and Kotoko?

Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world’s most active online anime and manga community and database. When Hideki Motosuwa leaves his apartment and accidentally forgets his wallet, Chii takes the wallet and follows him, leaving Sumomo and Kotoko alone in the apartment.

What kind of character is Sumomo?

Sumomo is a bright and hyperactive laptop computer persocom. She belongs to Shinbo during the first half of the series, and eventually comes under the ownership of Hideki . Sumomo has pink hair tied in a ponytail and dresses like a genie in maroon with light pink pants and a darker pink sash.

What happened to Sumomo in Shinbo?

At the beginning of the series, Shinbo uses a newly-upgraded Sumomo in an attempt to analyze Chi, and Sumomo is nearly broken in the process, requiring new main memory, and in the manga, a new video card, as well. Once Kotoko joined Hideki, she quickly came to the conclusion that Sumomo was mad, with her nonsensical ways.

What does Kotoko look like in anime?

Kotoko is 16 centimeters tall with purple hair in two pigtails. Instead of normal persocom ears, she has two bells used as hairties. She wears a white kimono with a big red bow in the middle. Kotoko comes across as an emotionless character, but she can actually have a short temper and becomes very outspoken.

What is Sumomo’s personality like?

Sumomo is also programmed to give wake-up calls and morning exercises which she calls the “Wakey-Wakey” exercises. Wearing an outfit that makes her resemble a genie, she is programmed to be cute and tends to be quite hyperactive, for example leading Hideki in wake-up exercises each morning and dancing when she is in standby mode.

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