Who is currently the fastest player in the NFL?

Who is currently the fastest player in the NFL?

Raheem Mostert
Fastest Players & Plays of 2020

Player Speed (mph)
1. Raheem Mostert 23.09
2. Raheem Mostert 22.73
3. Kenyan Drake 22.11
4. Tyreek Hill 21.91

Who is the fastest NFL player 2020?

Who has the fastest time in a regular season game?

Year Player Top Speed (MPH)
2016 Tyreek Hill 23.24
2020 Raheem Mostert 23.09
2016 Tyreek Hill 22.77
2020 Raheem Mostert 22.73

Who’s the fastest player in the NFL 2021?

Fastest 40 times

Year Player Team
2020 Henry Ruggs III Raiders
2021 Anthony Schwartz Browns
2015 J.J. Nelson Cardinals
2010 Jacoby Ford Raiders

How fast was Bo Jackson in the 40 yard dash?

4.13 seconds
Bo Jackson/40 yard dash time

Who’s the fastest NFL player of all time?

“Bullet” Bob Hayes

  • Deion “Primetime” Sanders The most versatile football player of the modern era,he was also the fastest. Primetime wasn’t his only nickname,but it was the most fitting.
  • Darrell Green This Washington Redskin was the ultimate team player and always did his responsibilities before trying to show off.
  • Who is the fastest soccer player ever?

    Number one, the world’s Fastest Soccer Player. Manchester United ’s Antonio Valencia. With an impressive 22mph top speed the Ecuadorian winger is a speed demon on the pitch.

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