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At the cinema, and finally there are relatively few actors or actresses who, by their mere will and presence, manage to justify that one wears a look on their movie. Al Pacino is part of it. Even his films the most disappointing leave the watch with him. Exception may be with the pathetic Jack and […]


A year after The white knights Joachim Lafosse is looking back in the registry intimate of the family unit with The ECONOMY OF the COUPLE. A theme that is dear to him since he had already explored in A perdre la raison in 2010, Bare ownership in 2006 or even Madness private in 2004. This […]


Last posthumous film, of the filmmaker Solveig Anspach, unfortunately died of a cancer which she had told of the apparition in her first film, the autobiographical, the Top of the cores !, The AQUATIC EFFECT is not least a beautiful declaration of love to life, as absurd as it may be. Samir (Samir Guesmi) is […]


EL CLUB is the fifth feature film from Pablo Larrain, the author of the highly acclaimed No. He has been selected in competition at the last Berlinale and won the Jury grand prize – the second place in the sum. The film has also been selected to represent Chile at the upcoming Oscars for the […]


Romantic comedy classic, Kiss me ! stands out for its impeccable and resolutely modern gay characters. Imagine a man wanting to find love, but unfortunately a little too much surrounded by his ex girlfriends. Let’s imagine then that it makes the meeting of the lovely Cecilia and that, having fallen madly in love with her, […]


STILL HAPPY is a comedy-drama in the French as we love and as we do not see so often ! Well written, very well played and the range of emotional broad, YET HAPPY is a winning combination that makes the very best among the other films of the genre at this time (The great sharing, […]

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