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[critical] The Town

Doug MacRay is a criminal and unrepentant, the de facto leader of a ruthless band of robbers who ennorgueillit to fly at their discretion without getting caught. Without ties to particular, Doug has no fear of ever losing a loved one. But everything will change the day when, at the last break of the band, […]

[critical] The Tree Of Life

Jack grows between father authoritarian, obsessed with the success of her children, and a loving mother who gives her faith in life. Author’s Note [rating:9/10] • Release Date : may 17, 2011 • Directed by Terrence Malick • Film american • With Brad Pitt, Jessica Chastain, Sean Penn • Duration : 2h18min • Trailer : […]

[critical] THE TRIBE

C e film is shot in sign language. There are neither subtitles nor dubbing, or comments. It is on this panel at once intriguing and disturbing that opens THE TRIBE, the first of Ukrainian Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy. A true tidal wave at the semaine de la Critique at the last Cannes film Festival, however, it is […]

[critical] THE VOICES

Pour his fourth feature film, film director, screenwriter and cartoonist of French origins, iranian Marjane Satrapi continues to try out different genre of cinema. With THE VOICES it will be horror-comedy, after the animated film Persepolis (2007), the drama Chicken with plums (2011) and the thriller comedy The gang of Jotas (2013). Part of a […]


Robert Zemeckis, legendary producer of the no-less-legendary trilogy of Back to the future, was composed by the following as and to the extent that its following movies, a work placed under the sign of diversity, which strikes us today by his hétéroclisme. In pursuit of the green diamond, Who wants the skin of Roger Rabbit, […]

[critical] The Ward

An asylum for young women is struck by the apparitions, the murderous ghost of an ex-interned. Author’s Note [rating:6/10] • Release Date : 1 February 2012 in DVD and Blu Ray • Directed by John Carpenter • Film american • With Amber Heard, Mamie Gummer, Danielle Panabaker • Duration : 1h 28min • Original title […]

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