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[critical] Shaun Of The Dead

For almost 30 years, Shaun does not have large-thing of his life. Between the apartment he shares with his buddy always and the time he spends with him at the pub, Liz, his girlfriend, has not a lot of space. She would like to that Shaun is committed, can no longer bear to see it […]

[critical] Shokuzai

A little girl, the little Emili, newly arrived in a school, binds friendship with the other four. One day, as they play together in the courtyard of the school, Emili follows a man to help her in her work. He murders them in the gym while her friends were waiting for him. In shock, they […]

[critical] Shoot em Up

Smith would never have had to be there, and yet, in full shooting, it helps a child to be born and the saves from a band of killers. Him, dark and violent, is found to protect the most innocent. The new-born is the target of a mysterious power determined to erase any trace of its […]


We look at SINISTER on the occasion of the release of the new film from Scott Derrickson : DOCTOR STRANGE. We had completely missed the first SINISTER (2012), thinking that this was yet another production horror without originality… On this point, it is difficult to contradict completely our first intuition, because, like 90% of horror […]

[critical] SNATCH

Franky comes to steal a huge diamond that he must deliver it to Avi, a mobster in new york city. On the way, he made a stop in London, where he allows himself to be convinced by Boris to bet on a boxing match underground. It ignores, of course, that it is a set-up with […]

[critical] Southland Tales

California, 2008. A nuclear attack precipitated America into the 3rd World War. In the Face of the scarcity of fuel, the company’s US-IDent develops a generator of inexhaustible energy, which alters the reality and will radically change the lives of the actor Boxer Santaros, ex-star of the X-Krysta Now and twin brothers Roland and Ronald […]

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