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On The Blog of Cinema, we love young filmmakers motivated and resourceful, and when one of them proposes to approach the genre of the fantastic, mixing sensuality and strangeness, one can only encourage the process. That is why, we interviewed Nicolas Courdouan, director and screenwriter of the short film RADHA, nugget aesthetic accents celtic. Radha […]

Fantastic Cinema : The mystery of EDGAR ALLAN POE

Il sometimes in the literature the loneliness of an author resonates in the collective imagination, and that the only name of this writer crystallizes alone, a feeling, of which the description and the definition will remain unclear if the work of creation and evocation had not been able to use a poetry and a sense […]

fantastic Cinema : the influence of The Fourth Dimension

THE FOURTH DIMENSION contains all the fears of the American sixties : the uniform, the over-consumption, individualism, the robots replacing the workforce, the threat of atomic, aliens… absolutely all the fears ! Created by the brilliant writer Rod Serling, who, through her short stories sought to denounce the impulses of gregarious of his contemporaries, an […]

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