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Fantastic Cinema : Small budgets, big ideas

Thees filmmakers do not always possess the necessary means at their ambitions. If the audience can grasp the poetry or the truth of a film’s copyright to the staging, raw and to the artistic direction to be sleek; to budget equal it will tend to be more demanding of a fantastic film, waiting for certainly […]

fantastic Cinema : solace mythological

The question of the mythology is crucial when it comes to anchor a narrative in the fantastic genre. If the fantasy involves a progression of the protagonist in a strange world, flush with a series of events supernatural came over to shake his conception of reality, the story needs to ask a historical and cultural […]

The selection “Series B” : HITCHER

To help you make your choice in the multitude of series B generated by the cinema operating for the past fifty years, here is a selection of films distinguished by their high degree of improbability, their errors of taste assumed, and their leadership qualities-works well known. Fans of thriller the know, the road is a […]

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