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[critical] Twixt

A writer in decline arrives in a small town in the United States to promote her latest novel of witchcraft. It is lead by the sheriff in a mysterious story of murder in which the victim is a young girl in the corner. The same evening, he met in a dream, the enigmatic ghost of […]


On paper, Two Lovers is close to Woody Allen and his Manhattan : New York, the jewish milieu, the neurosis, the multiple romances… In fact, it is a counter-point to almost perfect: the Queens and not Manhattan, the working class and non-artists, bipolar disorder serious and not a fun existential angst. The tone is probably […]

[critical] Tyrannosaur

In a popular area of Glasgow, Joseph is plagued by violent torments in the wake of the disappearance of his wife. One day, he meets Hannah. Very religious, she tries to comfort this be wild. But behind his apparent serenity lies a heavy burden to : she was probably as much in need of him, […]

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