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[critical] A Better Life

Yann and Nadia, lovers, engaged in a project of restaurant at the edge of a lake. Their entrepreneurial dream is broken quickly. Nadia, compelled to accept a job abroad, entrusted temporarily to his son Yann. She disappears… Author’s Note [rating:7/10] • Release Date : January 4, 2012 • Directed by Cédric Kahn • Film French, […]

[critical] A FRENCH

Wasaving done a few days before its release due to cancellations before the first “fear” of some cinemas and broadcasters, A FRENCH arrived in the dining room preceded by a bad reputation, and that of a film punch that will make a commotion in the sludge of the French extreme right. And for good reason, […]

[critical] A Happy Event

“She pushed me within my limits, made me overcome all my limits, I was confronted with the absolute : love, sacrifice, tenderness, abandonment. She was dislocated, transformed. Why nobody told me anything ? Why do we not speak ?” A happy event or the intimate glimpse of motherhood, sincere and without taboos. Author’s Note [rating:8/10] […]

[critical] AN IDEAL husband

I the something missing in the second film of Yann Gozlan. AN IDEAL MAN starts well though. The pace of the exhibition stands and we arrive without detours to the node of the history which, in a scenario where the main character is an impostor, is a good thing. Only, it seems that the spring […]


One of the visions of the most intelligent of the world post-September 11; following the investigation of a unit of the secret service to be particularly neutral and apolitical, the film takes the bias of empathy with some of the actors of terrorism, those that finance, rather than on those who perpetrate this is fully […]

[LIGHT 2016] The MAN WHO LAUGHS (1928)

After the first two movies fort friendly, we continue the retrospective of the series UNIVERSAL MONSTERS (our retrospective: HERE) with The MAN WHO LAUGHS, Paul Leni. Second adaptation of a novel by Victor Hugo, after Notre-Dame de Paris, the film produced by Carl Laemmle is directed by one of the first German director who managed […]

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