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[critical] Ultimate Game

In the near future, the new technologies have changed the video game. The principle created for the game “The Sims” is applied to human beings who are manipulated by players online. Billionaire Ken Castle has created the ultimate entertainment : “Slayers”, a video game in which death row inmates, guided remotely by online players, kill […]


AN ANGEL AT MY TABLE has been reviewed in the context of a retrospective of Jane Campion. A DVD box set containing all of the films of the director will be available from October 28, 2015. Jane Campion, focuses in his second feature film AN ANGEL AT MY TABLE to follow the life of a […]

[critical] A Balcony Over The Sea

In the south of France, Marc, married and father of a family, leading a comfortable life as a real estate agent. The chance of a sale, he meets a woman with a bewitching charm which the face is familiar. He thinks to recognize Cathy, the love of his 12 years in Algeria was violent, at […]


On has seen A PROMISING START in Avant – Première at the Festival of Francophone Film of Angoulême, which takes place from 25 to 30 August. This is the second feature film, after Sweet Valentine, the director-actress Emma Luchini, daughter of Fabrice Luchini, based on the work of his companion Nicolas Rey, also co – […]

[critical] UNDER THE SKIN

U nder the skin accompanied by a young blonde woman (Scarlett Johanson) apparently blank of any social interaction, of which nothing is known. It invariably seeks to seduce the men, all types of men. It does not seem to know the social codes of traditional, and not knowing really who she is… Will, disappearances, strange […]


Critique of’ A BEAUTIFUL END (STILL LIFE in English, as we prefer it to be sure !) written following the meeting of producer Uberto Pasolini, during the premiere of his film. The idea of writing the film came to him after he read an interview with a councillor’s funeral. Pasolini says that he has followed […]

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