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[critical] A HISTORY of US

Déroutant ! If there was only one word to describe An american story, it would be this one. Eyes glued to the large screen, the viewer feels helpless. This film has this power to involve the viewer in the narrative as a character witness. And since we cannot change the course of history, we soon […]


The Armenian genocide, an act of insanity, which is still not recognized for a hundred years by Turkey, has made fools of pain to the Armenian survivors and their progeny in the world. Robert Guédiguian, who is involved in his own personal history, tells us in A CRAZY STORY of the murderous deeds committed by […]


UDO MOTHER tells the story of the life that leads to a strange couple who never found the right communication channel, that is mean, without respect or kindness. There is the verbal violence, the shelling of the words, the insults, that will sometimes escalate into physical violence, there is the rejection, the loneliness, the misunderstanding, […]


A WONDERFUL HISTORY OF the TIME what is it ? – An about box : Stephen Hawking, his life, his exploits throughout the test to be the most difficult (a disease dégénérescente hardcore). The man wrote of the physical theories of revolutionary, as well as a book of popular science best-seller, while being in almost […]

[critical] A Night

Paris. Simon Weiss, commander of the Brigade Mondaine, began, like every night, his tour of the facilities at night. His job. A night, but not like the others… Very soon Weiss understands that one wants to trap him. Caught in the crossfire between the police of the police and the thugs, Weiss will defend himself, […]


Ofyears part of the out of Cinema Paradiso, we conduct a retrospective on the filmography of the Italian director Giuseppe Tornatore. A PURE FORMALITY contrasts with the traditional framework of the films of Tornatore. Far from his native Sicily, who had inspired him The Master of the Camorra and Cinema Paradiso, his first two films, […]

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