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[critical] DREAM TEAM

Il regularly see in the world of football matches are totally unbalanced with a slew of goals. Only when we learn that the team of american Samoa lost 31-0 against Australia in 2001, the surprise is great. It is neither rugby or american football (where a touchdown, equivalent to a goal, worth six points), but […]


In less than a week, we find the two movies completely different, but who are suffering yet the same defect… A FAMILY TO RENT, and While We’re Young from Noah Baumbach : when a developer does not find the balance between the exposure of its neuroses on film, and the use of the codes inherent […]

[critical] A Woman Has Shoot down

It is the love of country that Sibel Edmonds became a translator at the FBI, after September 11. But everything shifts when she accused a colleague of covering illegal activities involving Turkish officials. Trip after sounding the alarm, they are now fighting for the ideals that make her an American, and the threat of the […]

[critical] A Woman is a Woman

“Angela, you’re infamous. – No, she answers, I am a woman.” Impertinence that sums up this film. The story : the story of Angela who wants a child. But Emile does not. Alfred, who is in love with Angela, don’t say no. Angela who loves Emile refuses Alfred but believe Emile Alfred made him lose […]

[critical] A Woman Under the Influence

Foreman on building sites, Nick is overwhelmed with work and cannot go home for the night. On his side, Mabel, his wife is depressed. After having left his children to his mother, she is drunk and half unconscious, brings a man to the house. The next day, Nick arrived with their team of workers, and […]

[critical] QUIET TIME

Michel Leproux just found by chance THE jazz record that he has sought all his life. He would like to have a little quiet time to listen to it…. But the half of the earth (his son, his wife, lover and lovers, neighbors, workers, “Polish”, etc) will try to prevent it ! Patrice Leconte is […]

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