Ira Sachs is one of those which one does not think, instinctively, but whose each new film stirs up our curiosity. Discreet man and one director without esbroufes, it trace its route, in all modesty, since the 90s, in the vast galaxy of american cinema. His new film, BROOKLYN VILLAGE starts on a funeral. Where […]


The year film of Stephen King continues blithely with the sensational arrival of this new adaptation of the evil clown is launched on the trail of a band of young people. With arguments, returns ultra-positive, and a u.s. box office exploded. Success justified ? After you have successfully linked rather neatly the emotion and fright […]


Des cinematographic works old of almost a century, of which the young generations can locate and claim the influence, are not legion. Filmmakers, critics and all the intellectuals, anxious to decipher the imaginary and the collective unconscious of the 20th century were attached to many qualifiers to the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari . Manifesto of […]


As each year arrives on the screens of the famous ” new film of Woody Allen “. And like every year, it remains more or less skeptical about what the final result will be, as the director shows himself capable of the best as the worst in a while (or if you think about it, […]


Come to present their film before-first in the South-West, with a few flights of a bird of the beach, the Blue Waves, the two screenwriters Fabien Ontoniente (the director) and Franck Dubosc (Patrick) have proclaimed to have written this CAMPSITE 3 with the heart. The film answers that, according to them, the desire of love […]


Ben/Viggo Mortensen emerged from a wood, the torso covered with soot. He hands his son a piece of liver and it comes to pull the deer just shot. “The boy is dead, the man comes to be born.” Around him, his many children, all wearing stick-as their father. The small tribe is returning to camp. […]

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