Lazy and lacking in ambition, Alien : Covenant brings nothing to his mythology, or the kind who has devoted, even going so far as to break down. Despite the criticisms that have befallen Prometheus (2012), Fox and director Ridley Scott have decided to re-enlist, and thus to continue the exploration of fiction in the saga […]

[critical] Alien La Quadrilogie

The ship commercial Nostromo and its crew, seven men and women, returning on Earth with a large shipment of ore. But during a forced stop on a deserted planet, the officer Kane is attacked by a life form unknown, an arachnid that smothers his face. After that the doctor edge pulls him back to the […]


  Aefore you begin our critique, we need to clarify our state of mind at the discovery of the film. We had a small inventory of american cinema post 11/09, and we had inferred that the medium had come to a point or it would be to analyze, with the necessary perspective, the impact of […]


We will not lie to you, FRIENDS PUBLIC has left us perplexed. The reasons are many. First of all, the processing is shifted to this serious subject matter (cancer of a child), and sometimes the light on the tone of the comedy, sometimes illuminating the drama. The film takes as a premise the realization by […]


I didn’t know the cinema of Naomi Kawase. I didn’t know the Dorayakis. Then I saw THE DELIGHTS OF TOKYO, the japanese director, at the opening of the selection un certain regard. Since then, I really want to taste these pastries – two pancakes stuffed paste of red beans, candied, and the filmography of the […]


The story : Gabrielle (Isabelle Carré) is a single mother. 17 year old daughter (Alice de Lencquesaing) decides one day to make a child “to have a gimmick to it,” without the advice of her boyfriend. Furious, the (Thomas Soliveres) refuses to have the paternity. Convinced that he will accept the unborn child when he […]

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