Invitations offered at the Salon de la photo

Hi all ! All first I’d like to somewhat apologize for the little article published in this month of October. This period has been a little hectic for me and my company , but the articles will resume very soon in a weekly rhythm ! I take this opportunity to make you a little note […]

Introduction to tungstènes and hmi

The security is the master word in lighting. When current flows through a body, muscles (flexors/extensors) are activated involuntarily. Two cases are possible : Or we get project, with an additional risk of damage related to the fall ; We are tétanise and the support received increases strongly. In both cases, the ONLY reflex to […]

Inconsistency screenwriter : Episode 1 : The Rock

Here is the first article in a series that will address inconsistencies scriptwriting that foisoinnent in some feature films. THE ROCK is completed in 1996 by MICHAEL BAY. It is his second feature film after BAD BOYS in 1995. The darling of the pub, fanatic, over-cutting, sign an action film impressive cast 4 stars : […]

History of the visual effects of the 80’s / 90’s

Hello all, and welcome to this fourth part of the history of visual effects ! In the previous articles, we discussed the beginnings of special effects in cinema, as well as the techniques employed. We also discussed two works : 2001 : a space odyssey and Star Wars..   I propose that you resume the […]

The close-up shots of James Gray

After having analysed the different films of James Gray’s I propose this time we focus in particular on the figure of the big plan recurrent in the works of this filmmaker. In fact, James Gray uses all the values of the plans in his various films, large and (especially for filming New York, the city […]

a horror film

That is, we arrive at the final visual of the series “I want to make a movie…” which was started by him on the short film. What visual treats this time of the horror film, film genre cinema and alternative cinema, or bis. Once again, it is obviously necessary to take this map in the […]

Make a video clip

You will definitely achieve a video clip in the course of your film career. It is a mission that requires having a good planning, but it is more simple to run than a film shoot. To succeed, you need to focus on 2 aspects : the visual of the clip and the timeline. The visual […]

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