the composition of The image in the cinema part 2

Hello to all. I am delighted to introduce the second part of the article “the composition of an image to the cinema” . The reading direction of the human Several scientific studies claim that individuals of the same culture have the same sense of reading. Here is the meaning of reading to people with a […]

The Web Program Festival

Hi all, As you know (or not) I am a big fan of the opportunities that offers the web in relation to the audiovisual sector. In fact, thanks to the web, new forms of audiovisual arrive and change the gives of the current offer proposed mainly by the television. This translates to the content published […]

Brian De Palma, a director too little known

If you were asked to cite the greatest directors of the past forty years, I’d be willing to bet that De Palma would not be in the lot. And for good reason, it is not necessarily obvious to grasp what this director was able to brought to the cinema. Of course, De Palma is the […]

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