And if it occurred

Hi all, The readers most aficionados of the blog may know already, but I am passionate about the web series. Being very active in this field I have done many projects that are linked to it. Among them you know may be ” create a web series “, the little brother of learn the cinema, […]

The mistake that most young filmmakers at a casting call

During your audition, it is obviously important to judge the performance “stage” of your actors. However, this is not the only thing to judge. The know-how is not the only argument that you need to take into account in your final choice. There is also the knowledge of how to live.   The comedians annoying […]

Practice-you, do not be afraid to miss !

Hello to all ! Today, I would like to speak particularly to people who want to make cinema their profession. I had already discussed this topic, some months ago in the article : make a filming location. I, the other day, via the contact form, received an email from a young man who explained to […]

Ebook cinema

This is four months that I launched the blog and ” My crazy challenge “. In this challenge, I pledged myself to you, dear readers, to learn more of my passion and to share the knowledge that I acquired and that I acquerrai. Very quickly, I decided to throw myself into writing a mini-book on […]

Doodlebug by Christopher Nolan

Hello to all. Today, I welcome Ihsane, which offers us an article on one of the first films of Christopher Nolan, a short film entitled Doodlebug (1997). Here is a short film strange to say the least of three minutes. In a closed room, it follows a man armed with a shoe in the […]

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