Analyze a scenario with the card reading

The reading logs The sheet what is it… ?   You know, to succeed in writing your story, your scenario, is a joy, sometimes a pain, but above all , it is a battle against yourself and reach the end, write the word end is a great victory. But this is not the ultimate goal […]

Analysis and script reading – Step 1

Title of the scenario Number of pages (font: Courier, Times, Times New Roman, size 12 only) File (In doc or docx only) Urgent (ships in 5 working days) (You waive the cooling-off period of 14 days) Yes Not 80,00 € Promotional Code Application fee 10,00 € Total TTC I agree to the terms and conditions […]

How to make a film adaptation of a book part2

Introduction to the film adaptation part 2 Adaptation of a book, a novel, a comic, etc..   After several weeks of radio silence due to vacation, projects, etc… here we are “already” the first weekend of September. I think it is time that the articles are regaining strength and vigor on “CommentFaireUnFilm ” !! I […]

8 tips essential for filming with his Smartphone

Iphone, Smartphone the future of cinema ?   This article is an appeal to thedesire to create, in turn, is more than a simple stacking of tips and tricks to be able to turn with your Smartphone. We talk about it for several weeks now, Steven Soderbergh is going to release a feature film filmed […]

Too much…too big…fear…your failure !

The other 3 reasons why you will fail   Here are the result of the 2 first reasons that will make you fail… Too many targets It is silly, but many of you will set several goals at the same time. I know that some will say ” This is great, as it can move […]

Interview with Julien Seri for the output of Nightfare

Nightfare/ Julien Seri   Hello all, this week I offer you an outstanding article in several ways. Firstly because, once again, the 6 degrees of separation have been realized, secondly because I was able to chat with a director that I appreciate since a lot of years and for a finish because I’m going to […]

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