Hansel and Gretel or how to control his imagination

Take control of your imagination You remember Hansel and Gretel I doubt that this title,” take Control of your imagination … remember-you of hansel and gretel ” may seem strange ;o) last week, I spoke to you of methods to stimulate your imagination. This is mostly out of this article, it is not that you […]

international short film festival d Avignon

International short film Festival of Avignon And if we met in real life ?!   There are a few weeks of this I was contacted, via blog, to congratulate me for its contents and the work I was doing. I do not hide from you that this kind of message makes me always happy ;o) […]

write a film script, The Séquencier

Write a film script, telefilm   The séquencier     You need to know to do his mea culpa :o) I’m sorry to have left this issue aside as long. It is possible to write a film script without this step…If, and only if you don’t want to succeed ;o) You were several to ask […]

the film crew, how to find it ?

Find his crew   I had promised some time ago to do an article on this topic : to Find his crew. By lack of time, I had to postpone it for later… I caught up so this lack today ;o). You are many to want to turn in the best conditions and have the […]

how to write a script, fast !

How to write a screenplay in no time   Day-to-day is hotting up, the computers are faster and faster so that the common man does not use a quarter of the potential. The consumption of information has never been greater, the internet user base zaps faster and faster…in short, we would already have arrived before […]

management of actor

Introduction to directing   The direction of actors….From the various messages I have received this week, asking you what subject you want for this 100th article, two trends stood out. 1) How to gather, federate and choose his technical team. 2) You guessed it, this is the direction of actors. The choice of the article […]

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