Critical vice-Versa

“Vice-Versa “ Or when movies for children to (re)become intelligent   I would like to take this Sunday to provide you with a new section : Guest Articles. This space is reserved to other sites or blogs that want to talk about cinema in a different way. How to Make A Movie offers to learn […]

make a film and happen…at the end of filming

Create a movie…an adventure Part 3 That is, the filming is finished…I think it is time to take stock of this adventure. As you know, create a movie, whatever it is, is an incredible adventure… and a first feature film is even longer than anything you can imagine. Sometimes, as anassistant director, we forget what […]

Should we all accept to make movies ?

Learn to pay attention to shooting conditions   Today I want to share a little reflection on : Should we accept everything to work in the cinema ? That one is a beginner or already a pro. This question I was often floating around in the head. Then must we accept all the conditions : […]

How is a commission to aid in financing a film ?

How is a commission to help fund the cinema ?   I’ve had the opportunity to participate in a regional commission to award grants to assist in the production of film. I suggest that you tell absolutely everything. How is it going ? Who is this ? How are the members of the commission choose […]

How to turn with extras

Turn with extras   Turn, making a film is not just about having a team, equipment, and actors. It is also be on the shelf of the extras. They are there to make a living for the rear or the front plane, so that the scene seems real and not reconstituted. If you turn in […]

How to write a movie script

How to write a screenplay The structure of the scenario what is it ?   Learn the basics of writing Is meant by the structure of the scenario : the skeleton, that is to say, of the choke points around which revolves your story. Remember your first essay or essays. Our teachers we have learned […]

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