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After Under the skirts of girls Audrey Dana returns with IF I WAS A MAN and endures in his quest for reconciliation between men and women. The profound desire ofAudrey Dana, as a filmmaker committed, is to prove that there is no split between genders, but a part of feminine and masculine in each of […]


It took years for Scorsese to adapt Silence, the novel of Shusaku Endo. The result is a work that is rich in its symbolic that by the power of the images. In the Seventeenth century, in the full evangelization of the catholic church, the Japan decreed illegal this religion. The ready-jesuit Father SebastiĆ£o Rodrigues (Andrew […]


After a passage on the other side of the Atlantic with New York Melody, in which Keira Knightley embarked on the creation of an original album by way of the foot of the nose to her ex, John Carney returns to his native Ireland with SING STREET. Revealed by Once, where a couple is formed […]


The scene is unlikely. Diane Kruger, in a disguise of a pin-up way Playboy, disguised as a truck stolen, all in Las Vegas. The actress hopped, uncomfortable in the middle of two look-alikes of Elvis. And yet this is not so outlandish in the light of the course of Romy, her character in SKY. Travel […]


SNOWDEN looks back at the career of the engineer in computer systems who decided to reveal the methods of u.s. intelligence. In some articles, the world learned that he was being watched on a scale unimaginable. The us intelligence agencies (NSA and CIA) have not only put on listening to great leaders or personalities, ambiguous, […]


SNOW THERAPY will be broadcast on Friday 12 February 2016 at 09.40 am on Canal+ Cinema, and Thursday, February 18, 2016 at 02h20 on Canal+ SNOW THERAPY begins with a strange scene that still contains all the themes of the film : a family, a visibly foreign made harangue by a photographer tourist. Result is […]

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