1860, somewhere in the wild West. A bandit seeks refuge in the small town of Bright Hope after having desecrated the graves of a tribe of cave-dwellers. It attracts, in spite of himself the horde, which removes it, as well as several other hostages. The sheriff of the town to their rescue, accompanied by three […]


In the genre of epic from mythology and age-old GODS OF EGYPT (d’Alex Proyas (Dark City, I, Robot, Premonition) falls directly in line with the works produced by Hollywood in recent years : The clash of the Titans (2011), Immortals (2011), wrath of The Titans (2012), The Legend of Hercules (2014), Hercules (2014), 300 : […]


First film by Farid Bentoumi, GOOD LUCK ALGERIA is to be classified in the category of Feel good Movie, conveying positive values through the course of the hero. It is inspired (again !) a true story, very personal, as drawn in the life of his brother Nourredine Bentoumi, who wore the colours of Algeria at […]

[critical] GRACE OF MONACO

Thestory of an actress and the legendary Grace Kelly, who married prince Rainier of Monaco in 1956. Except that this also corresponds to a political conflict, and especially economic, between Monaco and France. Grace Kelly, at this time, is only a symbol. The film tells of her struggle, both in order to exist as a […]


Noticed for Y TU MAMA TAMBIEN, a film of generational mexican (with Gael García Bernal) schoolboy and pleasant, Alfonso Cuarón is set away from the need in doing one too many episodes of the adventures of the magician bigleux (HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER Of AZKABAN) and now appears to focus on projects far more […]

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