Thehas North Korea tried but failed. Yes, after a month of “Sony Gate” and various incidents (which you can find a very good summary on our website), THE INTERVIEW is released in theaters in u.s. on December 25. The park of 300 rooms is much lower than the 3000 initially planned, but regardless, the essence […]


“I’m going to Alaska “… This sentence as absurd as radical is the storyline of this upsetting road trip undertaken by the young Christopher McCandless who decides one day to the next everything. In the Face of the convenience that many young dream, Chris decides to smile but to say no thank you. He just […]

[critical] Iron Man

Tony Stark, genius inventor, arms dealer and playboy billionaire, is kidnapped in Afghanistan. Forced by his captors to make a formidable weapon, it was built in secret a suit of armor and a high-tech revolutionary that he uses to escape. Understanding the power of this armor, he decided to improve it and use it to […]

[counter-critique] JACKY in THE KINGDOM OF GIRLS

Thees prejudices die hard. 2009. Release of the film ” THE BEAUTIFUL KIDS “. Promo monster. Ointment on Canal +. Trailer formatted. LOL with boys ? No thanks, I pass my turn. 2010. Film in the hands. Viewing. Tears. Tears of laughter. Past the trailer forced the film, which, in addition, compile the jokes the […]


Therefore a very good idea, JACKY THE UNITED DAUGHTERS adapts the Cinderella story, adding to the theme carnival of the reversal of the roles of Men / Women. Or should I say Women / Men, because it is they who run the country, fight, decide… The red thread of the story is the dance held […]

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