[critical] Night at The Museum

The Museum of Natural History contains within its walls a mysterious secret and amazing that Larry, the new security guard, will soon discover with panic : the night, all the exhibits come alive ! Under his eyes, roman soldiers and cowboys miniature engaged in a bitter war, Attila and his Huns began to plunder the […]

Night At The Museum 2 : trailer

It is income ! The now-famous keeper of the museum redoes to speak about him… The pitch : the largest museum in The world coming to host new exhibits, and among them, the ancestral tablet of the pharaoh with magical powers. Now the night, all the activities in the museum come to life, including the […]

[critical] THE NIGHT BELONGS to US

New York, end of the years 80. Bobby is the young boss of a nightclub belonging to the Russians. With the explosion of drug trafficking, the Russian mafia extended its influence on the world of the night. To continue its ascent, Bobby has to hide his links with his family. Only his girlfriend, Amada is […]


  The Little Mole is a series of Polish created by Zdenek Miler. It follows the adventures of a cute little mole that discovers a little more of the world in each episode. All right, it looks a bit like a trick of uzbekistan, but in fact it is found in all corners of the […]


Also traditional a strike of public transport, the Disney studios we offer traditional film animation for the year-end holiday season. Once again, it is an adaptation of a fairy tale, THE SNOW QUEEN, Hans Christian Andersen, or Sneedronningen (to your wishes !) in its original danes in 1844. It will be recalled that the previous […]

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