How to make a movie animation

After “how to make a short film” , we continue the series of visuals proposed by Canal + ! Here is a map titled ” I want to make an animated film “. So you will see the route (simplified) you need to perform to make an animated film. I have to admit, not specially […]

How to write a screenplay that grabs

You want to write a script that is captivating ? Be aware that a scenario has nothing to do with a literary or poetic text. It is a story that will be filmed. It will be seen. It will serve as a working tool for all actors in the film. What I mean by this […]

How to write dialogues (part 1)

¬†Introduction ¬† Hello to all , today we propose you an article which will be the first of a series devoted to the dialogues “A whole era ! “ said Bernard Blier under the pen of Michel Audiard in CROOKS in CLOVER, THE film reference in the dialogues. The dialogue represents a whole era, and […]

How to direct his actors

Hello to all, today I welcome Emerick’s blog to become an actor. Professional actor he will share with us his best tips to get the maximum out of his players. As a director, you are the conductor. You need to manage everything. Following the budget and the organization of your movie you will also can […]

How to begin a scenario

Inspiration in all its forms Well, yes ! The hardest part is always starting. This is even more true in the world (wonderful) scenario ! Before making a decision, the ideas, the minds, in bulk, without link between them. The real work starts when one puts in writing all these pieces of information. The first […]

Starting with the idea

Originally Having a good idea is not an end in itself. Indeed, how can we really begin a scenario with a simple idea ? A basic idea is a concept that is very abstract, absolutely not defined. It is as if one said to be able to build a car made up of 250,000 spare […]

Cinema : what are the private schools ?

You want to learn the cinema, audiovisual, and video. But you don’t have a clear idea of the cinema, the programmes offered by private schools of cinema, and cinema schools to which you speak ? Then, this article is for you. Not only that, you will discover there are several aspects of film that one […]

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