[critical] the Planet of The Apes – Origins

In a laboratory, scientists are experimenting with a treatment on monkeys to defeat Alzheimer’s disease. But their trials have unexpected side effects : they discover that the substance used can increase dramatically the brain activity of their subjects. Caesar is then the first young chimpanzee showing remarkable intelligence. But betrayed by the humans around him, […]


D lready director of THE KILLER, released in 2007, and The LAWYER, released in 2011, Cédric Anger , interested in a curious fact to various of the seventies for his new achievement : the case of the Killer of the Oise, who had once defrayed the chronicle, as the perpetrator investigating himself on his misdeeds. […]


The adaptation is expected of the masterpiece of Romain Gary by Eric Barber was first in the Arras Film Festival. The fabulous destiny of Romain Gary deserved a film to the height. Failing to be a successful adaptation, THE PROMISE OF The DAWN is in any case the height of the novel, the fate of […]

[critical] The Arnacoeur

Your daughter goes out with a dirty type ? Your sister is stuck in a relationship that is passionate destructive ? Today, there is a radical solution, it is called Alex. His job : breaker professional couple. His method : seduction. Its mission : to transform any boyfriend in e.g. But Alex has ethics, he […]


For his fourth feature film, Audrey Estrougo addresses, again with THE TAULARDE, a social subject strong it stresses the malfunctions. After the cities, the rape and the undocumented, it is up to the prison world of women that this film director committed attack. A topic little treated in the screen (in contrast to the male […]


It’s funny the marketing. It allows you to sell the security social of the great annual mass of the film, a film of love the redeemer on the background of the judge for children, as a film ” punch “. But that one is not mistaken there. Yes, Head high, tells us the story of […]

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